R8932BLK 5P 1
R8932BLK 5P 1
R8932BLK 5P 2
R8932BLK 5P 3
R8932BLK 5P 2 1
R8932BLK 5P 2
R8932BLK 5P 3
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R8932BLK-5P Keyed Hinged Screen Door Lock Black



Dimensions (mm)

135W x 185H x 85L


The Rolltrak Door Hardware and Accessories range features a variety of products that are designed to help you easily install or replace door parts. Our range includes handles, pulls, locks and other accessories to help you complete any home project!

Our Hinged Screen Door Locks are great for providing security to your home while being easy and convenient to lock and unlock.

R8932 includes a ‘Lock n Latch’ function whereby partially rotating the key from the outside, the door will be locked on the outside, but still allow the snib to be operated from the inside. Fully rotating the key, will deadlock the door both externally and internally.


  • Internal Locking Snib
  • Strong metal Lock Body Construction
  • Suits Left and Right Handed Hinged Doors
  • Retro Fit Existing Similar Locks
  • ‘Lock n Latch’ Feature provides more locking options
  • 5 Pin Cylinder Included (this is only for the R8932-5P, not the R8932)


  • Material: Alloy
  • Finish: Powder Coated
  • Colour: Black