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Adjustable Security Door Carriage & Roller Stainless Steel 31mm



Dimensions (mm)

72W x 62H x 16L


This adjustable nylon carriage and roller suits security screen doors.

If you have this product already and you need a replacement roller for this carriage use products: R4141, R4143 or R4149.

*For help in identifying the correct carriage/roller, download the “1:1 Scale Product PDF” below and follow the instructions.


  • Carriage Size (mm): 72W x 47H x 16L
  • Carriage Material: Nylon
  • Roller Size (mm): 31W x 31H x 7L
  • Roller Material: Nylon
  • Axle / Bore Depth (mm): 14
  • Axle / Bore Diameter (mm): 6
  • Bearing Type: 608RS
  • Bearing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Load Capacity (kg): 40
  • Suits: Security Screen Doors
  • Replacement Roller: R4141, R4143 or R4149