Window Locks


Find the right fit for every window

To ensure your home’s security, functional locking is essential, for everything from easy access to child-proofing your windows. When the time comes to upgrade or replace the hardware on your windows, our range of Rolltrak window locks gives you several options to choose from. From standard vent locks to catch keys, you’ll find a perfect fit for every Australian home.


Keep your windows secure

Quality window hardware adds to the functionality of any window in the home. It’s important to keep your window hardware in check and immediately replace any locks that get jammed or rusty. Otherwise, your home can be vulnerable to break-ins. You may also want to invest in locks that cannot be easily opened by children to keep them safe.

Our range of locks and catch keys have been designed to be easy to install, and are fully compatible with all common window types in Australian homes. They keep your home secure while still letting in a fresh breeze. They’re highly durable and less susceptible to rust. So if you’re looking to upgrade or replace your windows as part of your home renovation project, head down to your local Bunnings Warehouse and ask for Rolltrak window locks.