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Spare parts designed for improved function and security

A window repair is a perfect opportunity to reinforce everything with better parts. Our range of Window accessories has plenty of options for you. With newly installed parts you can restore the functionality of your windows and upgrade your home’s security.


Secure options for your windows

There are many parts of a window that help keep things secure. Window handles and locks are no exception. They help keep your window closed and locked into position. Everyday elements like wind pressure are strong enough to knock your windows open. But with sturdy Rolltrak Window locks and handles installed, you can rest assured your window is more protected from the elements.

A Window Latch is another essential part of your window setup. These often form part of your window’s locking mechanism. A Window Latch is easy to unlock without the need for a key. Explore our range of Window Handles and you’ll find various designs made to suit your window’s style and functional needs. You’ll find keyed and spring-loaded options in a range of colours including matte black, grey, and white. Our Window Latches, Catches, and Handles are available at Bunnings Warehouse.