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An easy fix for your wardrobe door

Restore the gliding motion of your wardrobe door with our wide range of wardrobe replacement door hardware. With the right parts installed, your door can glide smoothly along a track once more with ease.


Take a DIY approach to fixing your wardrobe door

For a wardrobe door to work properly, you need the right parts installed. We’re talking about the essential parts like wardrobe door rollers, hangers, carriages and tracks. All of these parts together enable your wardrobe door to smoothly slide across with minimal fuss. So when your door starts to play up, there’s a good chance it’s an issue with the hardware installed.

For an easy fix, you can replace parts like wardrobe door rollers and carriages. There’s no need to replace the entire door. Get new door hardware installed and your door should be able to glide smoothly along the wardrobe door track again. To find the right fit for your door, head to the door hardware section at your local Bunnings Warehouse where our range is available.