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Glass door hardware

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The right parts for a smoother sliding motion

The glass panels of a door can be fragile. That’s why your glass door needs a smooth and seamless path to move across. With fewer bumps and contact along the way, the glass panels on your door are more protected. With new door hardware installed, you can protect your door from damage and improve its sliding motion.


DIY glass door fixes have never been easier

Thanks to our latest range of glass door hardware, it’s never been easier to repair or upgrade a glass door yourself. Our range of glass door hardware includes options like a sliding glass door handle, bracket and door sticker. You’ll even find sliding glass door rollers in our range. These spare door parts are easy to install and provide a cost-effective alternative to calling in the professionals.

So when it’s time to upgrade the look of your glass sliding door or fix its sliding motion, make Rolltrak your #1 choice. Door parts like our sliding glass door handle fit the most common sliding door types found in homes across Australia. Simply head to your local Bunnings Warehouse today where you can find our entire range of glass door hardware products.