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Change the way your door looks and functions

Door handles are an essential part of any home entry. Like many home furnishings, they get used every day. That’s why it’s so important to choose handles that are built to last. Rolltrak Door Handles are designed to accommodate the needs of your modern household. Many of our designs come in a combination of contemporary and traditional finishes. Rolltrak door hardware and spare parts are conveniently made available at all Bunnings store locations.


Better function for everyday use

Our latest Door Handles are the perfect combination of design and functionality. Their ergonomic shapes have been made to enable ease of access to your home. These handles are easy to install and have been designed to fit most door designs available today. Shop our range of door handles and you can be confident in finding the right fit.

When it comes to picking the right handle it’s not all about functionality. Your new handles need to fit in with the look and feel of everything around them. Explore our range of Door Handles and you’ll find plenty of designs in modern finishes that will match the aesthetic of your home. Look for Door Handles in Bunnings Warehouse to discover our range today.