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Protect your sliding doors with the right parts

A good Door Guide is essential for any sliding door installation. It’s a handy piece of door hardware that helps guide a sliding door along its track path. These parts can also be referred to as Roller Door Guides and Sliding Door Guides. With the proper installation of a door guide, you can prevent your sliding doors from swaying and hitting the wall.


An easy solution for sliding door installations

Sliding door guides can be conveniently installed at the top and bottom of your sliding door. If the bottom of your sliding door sways from the bottom then it’s probably a sign you only have a guide installed near the top of your door. To fix this swaying issue and prevent damage to your wall, we strongly recommend you install screen door guides on the bottom of your door too.

Our vast range of Roller Door Guides and Sliding Door Guides is manufactured to support many types of sliding door installations. Some of our guides are designed for timber sliding doors while others are more suited to glass sliding door installations. Find your perfect match right here in our extensive door guide range.