Door Closers


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Parts that improve your door’s closing action

For any hinged door to function right it needs a good closing action. When a door doesn’t close correctly it can lead to costly damage that also affects your door frame. With Rolltrak Door Closer installed, you can drastically improve the closing action of your hinged doors. These Door Closers also enable you to easily hold the door open on its own. A perfect feature for when you need to carry items into your home while the door stays open.


A smarter way to close doors

A Door Closer is an essential part of any Hinged Security Door. With this door hardware piece installed, your door will close slowly and safely. A safer closing action helps to prevent damage to your door and the frame. With a Door Closer’s adjustable locking feature, you can determine exactly how far you want the door to stay open.

For challenging tasks like bringing the shopping in or carrying furniture, Door Closers comes in super handy. Simply adjust your Rolltrak Door Closer to hold your door open. With your door held firmly open, you’ll find it easier to lift and carry items through your doorway like your shopping bags and large delivery parcels. Look for Door Closers at Bunnings Warehouse to find our entire range.