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Bi-fold door parts


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Find an easy solution for repairing your bi-fold door

Unlike your standard hinged door, a bi-fold door is assembled with multiple panels. It requires an entire bi-fold door track system to keep everything working the way it should. When your bi-fold doors stop working, there’s no need to replace the whole thing. Simply find the spare parts you need right here in our bi-fold door range.


Everything you need for a bi-fold door track system

Your standard bi-fold door track system has a lot of moving parts to it. These door systems have a minimum of two panels that neatly fold and slide on a track. Our range has many of the spare parts you need to repair or upgrade the closing motion of your bi-fold doors. So when something goes wrong, make Rolltrak your go-to for a solution.

Our spare parts are designed to fit most of the bi-fold door track systems installed in homes today. Using our spare parts is an easier and more cost-effective solution compared to calling in a tradie or buying a whole new door system. Our bi-fold door parts are built to last and easy to install. So for one of the quickest and easiest solutions to fixing your bi-fold doors, shop our prats range that available at your local Bunnings Warehouse.