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Find the perfect part for your door installation

There are lots of little parts and accessories that help make your door function the way it should. Different door types like hinged and bifold doors require very specific parts that need replacing. Here you’ll find plenty of door accessories to help improve the function and look of your home’s doors.


Accessorise your doors

Your door’s action is one of the most important aspects of a door installation. When you install new parts like Bifold door accessories, you can improve the function of your bifold doors. The same can be said for new handles or hinges on a standard hinged door. But let’s not forget about the accessories you use to style a door. They contribute to the overall look and feel of your home.

Here in our door accessories range you’ll find parts that come in a wide range of contemporary and classic finishes. With so many finishes to choose from, we’re convinced you’ll find the perfect match for your home’s look. Simply visit your local Bunnings Warehouse for new door installation or upgrade. When you’re there, head to the door accessories Bunnings section to find the perfect door accessories for your home.