Barn Door Tracks


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Reliable parts for an easy installation

Barn Door Tracks are essential for installing a new Barn Door at home. They can also help lend a more industrial feel to the look of your living space. But looks aside, it’s the quality of the tracks that should be your top priority. Rolltrak Barn Door Tracks are made to last. They’re strong and sturdy enough to hold heavy barn doors and support a smooth and steady sliding action.


Industrial strength & style

Rolltrak Barn Door Tracks are built for strength. They are designed to support large and heavy-duty barn doors made from solid timber. Barn Door Tracks enable you to simply slide your barn door along the edge of a wall for easy doorway access. With a smooth and simple sliding action, these tracks also produce less noise than cheaper alternatives.

DIY installations are simple as every track comes with the right fixtures and instructions to guide you along the way. All you need is the right space to do it. So make sure there’s no artwork or other wall features attached to the wall where your new Barn Doors will slide across. Ready to install your own Barn Doors at home? Find the right parts for the job by shopping our Bunnings Barn Door Track range available at your local Bunnings Warehouse.