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Barn Door Handles


Barn Door Handles

Find the right fit for your barn door

Door Handles are an essential part of any Sliding Door. The shape and length of these handles help to ensure your door is easy to access and slide across as it should. Barn Door Latches are locking mechanisms that offer an element of privacy for your barn door project. They’re easy to install and can even be used as a handy child lock. Find the right fit for your door right here in our wide range of Barn Door Handles and Latches.


Style with purpose

Door hardware like Barn Door Handles and Latches are often one of the standout features of a door design. That’s why it’s so important to get the look of them right. After installing tracks for your door it’s crucial that everything else matches up. So try to find a handle with a matching finish. Whether matte black, brushed brass, stainless steel or satin nickel, make sure your every piece of door hardware coordinates well.

Our Barn Door Latches have been designed for easy installation. This piece of hardware comes in two pieces that attach to your door frame and the edge of the door that meets it. Barn Door Latches provide an element of privacy by allowing you to lock your Barn Door from one side. Install it high enough and this can be used as a child lock to prevent toddlers from getting into rooms they’re not allowed in. Looking for matching door hardware for your new Barn Door setup? You can find our entire range of Rolltrak Barn Door Pull Handles and Latches at Bunnings Warehouse.